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Environmental Policy Statement

Jim Edwards provides a professional gas appliance, plumping and heating service to the domestic market.  He recognises the need to deliver these services with consideration for the environment.  This Policy Statement sets out Jim Edward’s plan of action to guide his environmental decision-making.  This Environmental Policy will be implemented through Jim’s processes and procedures.

The main environmental impacts of the companies operations are:

·             Installation of gas and electrical appliances

·             Packaging, copper, paper and cardboard waste

·             Fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions

·             Water usage for power flush cleaning


Jim Edwards commits to reducing these impacts by:

§  Staying up to date with the latest information on energy efficient heating and water systems and recommending the most energy and water efficient products to customers

§  Minimising his waste by, where possible, eliminating waste or recycling and reusing.  Jim Edwards commits to recycle all metal, paper, cardboard and wood waste products.

§  Minimising his carbon emissions through efficient works planning and programming, and aiming to obtain the greenest energy supply for gas and electricity at his home office

§  Ensuring the minimum amount of water is used when power flushing sites. 

§  Sourcing sustainably certified products and encouraging his customers to do the same

§  Exceeding all environmental legislation that relates to his operations


Jim Edwards is committed to providing the necessary financial and personnel resources to fulfil this policy. This Policy will be communicated to all subcontractors and necessary training and support will be given.

To ensure an iterative approach to this policy it will be monitored and reviewed on an annual basis.  Key performance indicators will include: 

·             Plumbing, Gas and Heating appliance installations

·             Fuel consumption

·             Waste recycling

Jim Edwards is personally responsible for the environmental performance of the company and this policy is signed and dated by him in acknowledgement of his commitment to this policy and his responsibilities.



Jim Edwards

Company Owner


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